SmallRig 3519 simorr Vigor VK-20 White Vlog Kit

SmallRig 3519 simorr Vigor VK-20 White Vlog Kit



simorr Vigor VK-20 White Vlog Kit 3519 consists of a portable vlog tripod and standard phone clips for compact portability. The tripod and mobile phone clip use 1/4 screw for connection, mobile phone clip with a separate cold shoe and 1/4 screw port, can expand the microphone, LED light, and other equipment.

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simorr Vigor VK-20 White Vlog Kit:

A. Portable:
1. Pocket-sized: the folded size of the tripod is only 16cm, perfect for travel and street shot.
2. Easy contraction: three-stage contraction provide a stretching size from 16cm-30cm,easy and user friendly.

B. Multiple scenes:
1. Free switch between horizontal and vertical mode.
2. The 50° leg angle makes the tripod more stable.
3. The 360° ball head makes it rotate free and suitable for more scenes.
4. Free combination on your demand, smartphone, GoPro, or camera.
5. Can extend to more equipment, like the microphone or LED light.

C. Compact & Fancy:
1. The unique and patent ID design provides a fancy looking and comfortable handle experience, fashion, and vigorous.

D. Complete:
1. Come with a phone clip, consisting of a complete shooting solution.

Standard 1/4 screw
Standard cold shoe mount

1 x Portable Tripod VT-10 white
1 x Single-cold-shoe Phone Clip

Product size: folded size 16cm, max working size 36.8cm
Packed size:28.5x8.5x4cm
New weight:131.5g±2g
Packed weight:217.5±5g
Material: Nylon+30% fiber?aluminum alloy
Load bearing:1.5kg
Top connection: standard cold shoe mount
Side/tripod connection:1/4 screw
Stand diameter:16cm
Tilt-back and forth:-90°/+45°
Tilt sideways:-50°/+50°

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